Strange People

In Iceland folks eat rotten shark, they bury it down by the seaside

Their beer is dear and they talk right queer, their island is damp and cold

The Finns bake all their bread with bark, they peel it off of the pine trees

They fear the Russians and hate the Swedes. They do as they are told


There are strange people in the world now, we better leave them alone

Think we oughta lock the borders and throw away the key


The Romans feast on tongue of lark, dead birds litter the hillside

Raving orgies every night, someday the empire must fall

The Americans took a walk in the park when Babylon was liberated

Sweeping reason overboard they proceeded to kill ‘em all


Come and walk a while with me, love. I’ll share the book of my soul

Some verses are written with blood, others with a lump of coal


The Jews in Palestine built an ark, their god had promised to save them

They saved no-one in return. They don't like to be disturbed.

The Muslisms starve until it’s dark, then eat like nothing else matters

A woman drove a car without an escort. They stoned her right by the curb.