Young Dan was blessed with bedroom eyes, a brave lad like his name implies

He wanted things and would not be denied.

Local girls they screamed his name, he saw and conquered, then he came.

And when he left they all broke down and cried

He made his mark in the world, and how! Everything was here and now

Life was grand and the road ahead was wide

Then he got older, and then he died.


Patrick was a music man, he was his own greatest fan

Some people said he sucked, but they all lied

He knew if he just kept at it, someday he'd surely score a hit.

Persistence was his best and only guide.

Pouring out those words and tunes, dreaming away the afternoons

he took his time, cos time was on his side

But he got older, and then he died


I rose, turned off the TV set, the show not being over yet

I'm sure that ending would have made me cry

Those boys were heading for a fall, with silly songs, good looks'n'all

You can't have it all, no matter how you try

And there's really nothing one can do, I think I'll fix myself a brew

The Devil takes your flesh and then you fry