King Lear Of The Serpent's Head

Everything that has been said about the pub "The Serpent's Head"

Is almost true like many stories are

A beacon of forgotten shores, the place was packed with drunks and whores.

They gathered to The Head from near and far

The owner was a man named Lear, he craved for some respect

but no-one listened to him when he spoke

The customers did laugh and sing, they scolded Lear, they called him King

but Lear he never seemed to get the joke


Lear aimed at noble things but missed as everyone was always pissed

So he summoned higher powers to the task

He spoke with the angel fair, the horned beast was also there

Terrified, he knew he had to ask

Soon prescious stones rained on the floor, Lear tossed them 'round like bones

The people gazed in awe but soon got bored

This didn’t please the angel fair, she cried to Lear in sheer despair

“I told you you should put them to the sword!”


An icy wind slammed down the door and smashed a window pane

It blew out all the candles, let in the driving rain

Spirits rose from empty glasses, drove some men insane

and howled a tune into the air, so beautiful and plain

of the heroes that were slain

along this dreary lane

Then thunder crashed, a lightning flashed and drove away the pain and then


A preacher walked in from the cold, with tales of glory, often told

Lear listened to him just to be polite

Then shivers ran upon his spine: some bloke’d turned water into wine

There was a way to deal with all this shite

Religion is the opium and Jesus is the man

Lear would serve the water from the tap

Respect was really such a bore, Lear expected love and more

As he would be among the blessed sap.