Crazy George

On the day George Grey got out of gaol he was greeted with applause.

The townsfolk torched the courthouse down, a rabble with a cause

I knew some things, knew the whats and the whereabouts, but never said a damning word.

George kept his secrets to himself, so discretion was preferred.


The loathsome Turk he reigned supreme while George was doing time

A goose-stepping ogre of a man, a cesspool full of slime.

He held his drink well, like a prizefighter in his prime, still standing after 13 rounds

Gloat now, when Crazy George returns, we’ll feed you to the hounds.


I so strong. I lift a stone and I break a wall.

I kill you dead, I eat you liver and I poke you eye


The Turk knew his time was up one eve when George came to the bar

Asking for a pint of black and tan and his beat-up old guitar

Froth on his whiskers and spit flying through his teeth, George Grey burst into a song

He sang the Fields Of Athenry, and we all sang along.