Days of the Iron Boots

A man came over the lake one winter morning
With a shield of lead and a horse that could not swim
We should have taken that as a warning
It could have been anyone but it was him.

He raised his arm and a thousand voices chanted words of hate
Banners flew and freedom was the cause
I saw the semblance of my father and his son among the crowd
I didn’t want any trouble so I joined the applause. I joined the applause

You might say I never tried to stand up for law and reason
This free rein hunting season can only end one way
If you chose to ask me why, I wouldn’t know what to say
The answers slip away into the misty reaches of time

These are the days of thunderstorm addiction
Days of the iron boots along the square
It’s getting harder to tell truth from fiction
We knocked on Heaven’s door, but no-one’s there. Ain’t nobody there.

Do you recall, we used to sit by the fireplace
And sing the ancient songs that didn’t know how to lie