Your love has served me well

Your love has served me well

In a crazy kinda way

Now that things have calmed down and the fat lady has sung

I find it quite easy to say


The pirate's flag we flew

Was red right from the start

No prisoners be taken, no mercy be shown

A shot straight through the heart


As our city blew fuses we danced in the street

Oh, the stories that we could tell!

I found the reason to live in your smile

Yes, your love has served me well


Now you walk a tired mile

along the lonely shore

Shaking your fist at the wide open sea

that grants you passage no more


And our pictures fade away

in the Lover's Hall Of Fame

Approved by history's frozen truth,

untouched by its passionate flame.


You forget all the big things, remember the small

Like those nights in that fancy hotel

With some effort there's only one thing I recall:

Your love has served me well


 I never bought flowers, their splendour's so vain

Kind words never suited the strong

I thought it was all about pleasure and pain

I'm beginning to suspect I was wrong


This is what I feared the most:

My dreams have all come true

I would give away everything I ever owned

to be able to dream about you