Days of the Iron Boots


Truth, who needs it? Who wants it?


The Perfect Traveller


Inspired by Tao Te Ching. Of course, Lao-tzu said this in two lines, so we have some baggage.


Your love has served me well


A love song of sorts. The song was awarded Honorable Mention in the International Songwriting Competition a few years back.


Strange People


You should notice the use of the same rhyme throughout the song. Ain't half been some clever bastards, as the late ID sang back in the day.




This song suggests that you don't really achieve anything after you reach a certain age. Very discomforting.


My Father Was A Werewolf


Oh boy have I caught some flak for this from my mother & big sister.


King Lear Of The Serpent's Head


I understand you are upset. It's the "thunder crashed and lightning flashed" part, right? Should be the other way round. Sorry.


Douchebag Heart


Thank you, Gordon. Couldn't have written this song without you :)


Days Of Pushing Daisies


This is about a guy who really rests in peace.


Crazy George


Crazy George is based on a real-life story with only minor exaggerations. George lived in the town of Wexford, Ireland.


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